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Schedule a demo today to discover personalized automated wire bending solutions tailored to add real value to your business.


Our CNC wire formers are useful across multiple industries.

Whether you are making prototypes, components for a medical device, guide wires or patient specific appliances, Pensa Labs’ machines ensure accuracy and repeatability in every part you create.

Pensa Labs offers CNC wire benders tailored for aerospace and defense applications, emphasizing adaptability for numerous small batch runs.

Aerospace & Defense

In the bustling world of job shops, characterized by diverse projects, our machines are specially engineered to allow swift setup changes.

At Pensa Labs, we are proud to partner with renowned universities and educational institutions across the United States and globally, known for their exceptional programs. 

Pensa Labs proudly extends its innovative manufacturing technology to an array of sectors including electronics, automotive, robotics, furniture, fishing, lighting and more.

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