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We put innovative solutions in the hands of customers, equipping and empowering them to do more in less time and at less cost.
Our vision at Pensa Labs is to increase productivity by offering innovative digital fabrication solutions. 

Background and Story

We are a team of innovation-driven experts who are passionate about helping businesses to unlock their full potential through automation. Our customers are looking to replace manual methods with a more automated workflow. We provide accessible, precise and configurable digital fabrication solutions that simplify workflows, reduce labor costs, training costs and the loss of institutional knowledge, while creating new possibilities.

We have envisioned a new approach to manufacturing. Our equipment enables both the positives of industrialization (low cost, highly repeatable and accurate parts) as well as the advantages of craftsmanship (bespoke customization and specialization).

Pensa Labs is the brainchild of Pensa, a Brooklyn-based design and innovation firm. Our first automated wire bender, the D.I.Wire Pro, was first used as a prototyping tool by the design team. However, the interest for the D.I.Wire Pro took off after the Kickstarter campaign was funded in 24 hours.

Wireframe structure by Pensa Labs
Wire bending structure by Pensa Labs 2
Pensa Labs workshop
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