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Medical Pensa Labs


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Precision Matters

Meeting the strict medical requirements of precision and repeatability is time consuming and expensive. Whether you’re making prototypes, components for a medical device, guide wires or patient specific appliances, Pensa Labs’ machines ensure accuracy and repeatability in every part you create.

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Shapes, Sizes & Materials

Pensa Labs’ machines are configurable for your application’s material and shapes, and have been used in the creation of surgical implants, hooks, guide wires and other devices.


They handle a variety of medical-grade materials like stainless steel, titanium, cobalt chrome and even specialty coated materials.

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With Pensa Labs' CNC wire bender solutions, medical device manufacturing is accurate, faster and easier.

To learn more about how Pensa Labs’ CNC wire benders can transform your medical device manufacturing process, contact our sales team.

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