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D.I.Wire Pro


Product Comparison


D.I.Wire Pro

Product Comparison

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Machine Overview

Machine Overview

Software Features

WireWare 2.0 stands out as an easy to use software tool to create and bend your desired wire parts efficiently. It's essential for a wide range of production settings.

The C64 comes with its own efficient and versatile bending software, WireWare 3D. It is a transformative tool that enhances the capabilities of the C64 CNC wire bender.

Bend Capabilities

Wire Dimensions

Solid Wire (stainless steel. spring steel, titanium)


Maximum Die Size


0.45 mm (0.018") - 4.7 mm (0.1875")

Feed Wheel Driven

8.2 mm (0.322")

2D + 3D

0.4 mm (0.016") - 6.4 mm (0.250”)

Collet Driven

44mm (1.73")

Can it make my part?




41 cm x 29 cm x 33 cm (16.25” x 11.25” x 13”)

45.3 kg (100 lbs)

100-240 V, 10 A, 50-60 Hz

102 cm x 46 cm x 70 cm (40” x 18” x 27.5”)

109 kg (240 lbs)

110/220 V, 450W, 50-60 Hz

Does it fit within my workflow?


Feed Error

Bend Pin Error

Open loop stepper driven axes

+/- 0.4 mm (0.016”)

+/- 0.5°

Closed loop servo motor drive axes

 <  +/- 0.01 mm (0.0004”)

 +/- 0.2°

How accurate is it? Will it make the same part over and over?

Program in Simple Script Language

Part Preview

Spring Back Compensation

Import Format

Limited preview



✓ *advanced


How easy is it to use?

Optional: 0.45 mm (0.018”) - 2.0 mm (0.080”)


Cut Capabilities

Wire Straightener up to 2 mm (0.080")

Included: 0.4mm (0.016") - 6.4 mm (0.250”)


Can I expand my automation?

Order now, production lead time:

4-6 weeks

6-8 weeks

How fast can I get one?

Our machines are customized to meet customer's needs. Please get in touch with sales for a quote.

How much does it cost?

Features & Capabilities

D.I.Wire Pro


Machine Overview

The D.I.Wire Pro is a 2D CNC benchtop wire former offers the kind of power, speed, and precision that professionals need. Fully configurable and affordable, the D.I.Wire Pro solves your prototyping or small batch production needs. The machine has a bend mechanism that outputs accurate and repeatable shapes.

The C64 is a user-friendly 3D wire former, offers unmatched versatility in a compact, benchtop design. Precision-engineered for ease of use, the C64 adeptly handles the bending of complex three-dimensional wire forms.

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