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Bending Funnels for the Marble Machine X

Funnel Marble Machine Pensa Labs

Producing 15 Stainless Steel Funnels Rapidly

The inventor of the machine, Martin Molin, and his team of engineers & designers have been working on this fascinating musical machine for several months. We were able to help them speed up the funnel production process by creating precision bends with the D.I.Wire PRO machine.

Funnels and parts marble machine

From 3D File to Bent out Wire Shapes

Pensa Labs’ engineering team received the 3D files from Martin as STEP files, and imported them into Fusion 360 to extract the 2D centerline of each of the curves. Adobe Illustrator was used to combine the curves into one document and the file was exported as a SVG file. Lastly, we exported the SVG file to WireWare and used the stainless steel Material Profile to bend all of the pieces for the baskets.

D.I.Wire Pro Marble Machine
assemblimg funnel Marble Machine Pensa Labs
D.I.Wire Pro Marble Machine 2
assemblimg funnel Marble Machine Pensa Labs 2

Producing 15 Stainless Steel Funnels Rapidly

The project had a tight timeline; Pensa Labs’ engineering team used an in-house PRO machine to quickly bend the required parts. The machine bends 10,000 mm/min bends with the level of accuracy that Martin and his team wished for.

The D.I.Wire PRO made it possible for the Wintergatan team to finish the funnel part of the machine faster, since bending each part by hand would have been very time consuming.

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