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Bend-Forming: Fabricating 3D Wireframe Structures

A Novel Digital Fabrication Technique

MIT developed a novel technique for rapidly forming large wireframe structures.

The team uses a spool of wire and the D.I.Wire Pro to construct truss-like structures with mechanical joints. A key component of the process is their custom path planning software which used geometric algorithms to convert a 3D file into commands for the D.I.Wire Pro.

MIT and Pensa Labs wireframe structures
wireframe structures MIT and D.I.Wire Pro
Utah teapot MIT Pensa Labs
Wireframe structures models
Stanford Bunny wireframe MIT Pensa Labs

Don't miss this video to discover the incredible bending capabilities of the D.I.Wire Pro, along with its extensive material and size capabilities. Whether it is for manufacturing, R&D, or education, the D.I.Wire Pro will adapt to your needs and workflows.

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