The DIWire is the first desktop wire bender, a new archetype for rapid prototyping, that transforms drawn curves into bent wire that can be assembled to make just about anything.



ONE OF A KIND It’s a unique machine that bends lines out of metal, not volumes out of plastic. BIGGER IS BETTER Small machine, big build size. The only limits are your imagination. LIGHTING SPEED It puts the rapid back in rapid prototyping. EASY AS PIE You draw, it bends. How easy is that? STRONG AS STEEL Can your 3D printer use steel?  Didn't think so. MATERIAL OPTIONS From Aluminum to Zinc, think beyond the white ABS. TRAVEL SIZE Small enough to use in a NYC apartment. COOL FACTOR The most stylish machine in your shop.

IT’S SIMPLE Bend lines and curves or 2D shapes that can be soldered or clipped together to create 3D structures. 

Draw curve Connect Load Wire Bend Assemble

WIRE SIZE Bend up to 1/8in steel wire or 1/4in brass tubing FILE TYPE Print any .SVG file  ANGLES 135° angles in a single bend CONNECTION Connects with a USB to your computer  


Being creative can be intimidating - we don't think it should be. The world of fabrication is transforming from machines that manufacture to digital tools that enable creativity. Our vision at Pensa Labs is to encourage creativity by improving the accessibility of digital fabrication.