WireWare 2.2.31 BETA

RELEASED ON: 05/22/2019

We hope you’re enjoying the previous version of WireWare. Please feel free to send us any questions, feedback or suggestions you may have about the software. Most of the new features are based on user feedback, so please don’t hesitate to send us a line to support@pensalabs.com.

WireWare is now packaged in an installer (Windows only currently), and you can upgrade by downloading the package that matches your machine and OS.


  • WireWare is now available in English, Español, Français, Deutsche and Italiano

  • New PINA, PINZ and PAUSE commands were added to the script mode

  • Users can now import Bend Head and Feed Wheel files, and export their DATA folder (from the machine menu)

  • Users can now design their custom calibration routines (number of measurements, angle range, and number of datasets), to fine tune the material profile for specific wire angle ranges


  • Users of previous versions will need to backup their DATA folder before installing 2.2.31 to ensure none of their custom bend head files and material profiles are lost. Please send us a line to support@pensanyc.com if you need guidance on how to find and access your DATA folder. We can get on the phone or schedule a teamviewer with you if needed.

  • Also, please uninstall / remove any previous distribution of WireWare before installing this new BETA version.

  • Once 2.2.31 is installed, you can import your old bend head files and material profiles via the app menus (video to come).


  • G20 and G21 commands are no longer supported in WireWare. Script mode users writing custom GCode can still pass the G20/G21 parameter and write their scripts in the corresponding units, but WireWare units won't change automatically (units can still be changed via the EDIT menu).


  • Bugfix on Run Script able to execute without homing the Machine

  • Bugfix on Run Script menu option available outside Script Mode.

  • Bugfix on Soft-Limit alarm/error that locks up the Software and the Machine.

  • Bugfix on Path Mode feed and bend deltas that were being wrongly converted to in or mm

  • Software version on Help menu now shows and is translated

  • Bugfix on the translated text size and fitting


  • Material Profile color palette was improved to enhance visibility

  • Link to Pensalabs support site was updated

Pensa Labs