Are you looking for an exciting opportunity in the digital fabrication industry? Pensa Labs, maker of the D.I.Wire, the first and only benchtop CNC wire bender, is seeking a qualified, experienced Sales Support Engineer.  Working as a bridge between customers, and our sales and engineering teams, our Sales Support Engineer will take customer input and sales information to help configure a solution for each customer’s  application. You will help develop solutions, test and implement customized hardware and software solutions for customers. You will also provide technical support and expertise to customers, respond to customer feedback, test new hardware, occasionally install systems, assist in maintenance and perform sales presentations and demonstrations. Put your ideas and experience to work as the Application Engineer and help us inform the sales and R&D process while winning over customers with your configured solutions. In order to provide solutions that satisfy customers, an Application Engineer performs many different tasks, including:


  • Help the sales team qualify customers by determining if the D.I.Wire is a good fit for the customer’s applications.

  • Configure the D.I.Wire machine specs to meet customer requirements and help the sales team with a quote for the configuration.

  • Work with customers to understand the nuances of their applications, from the parts they want to make, the quantity of units per month and quality of the output.

  • Analyze the customer needs, and develop short programs in our D.I.Wire software to test customer parts.


  • Onboard D.I.Wire customers as they first integrate the machine into their process.

  • Provide customers with ongoing technical support, including responding to customer issues, providing updated software, performing installs for key customers.  You will be responsible for customer satisfaction.


  • Maintain a log of problems customers encounter and inform R&D to help generate innovative concepts that solve common user problems.
  • Maintain a log of most customer requested features that we currently do not have, to inform the development of future iterations of the D.I.Wire.

  • Prior to launch, test new software updates for bugs.


Application Engineers work at the intersection of the engineering, sales and manufacturing teams. You must have strong communication skills to facilitate teamwork across groups. Application engineers are uniquely talented in both customer service and detail-oriented, analytical tasks. Applicants with experience in digital fabrication, software and electronic hardware development will have a strong advantage.


  • Strong project management abilities, with well organized timelines and deliverable expectations

  • Excellent communication skills, written, verbal and visual

  • Collaborative approach, working across disciplines

  • Professional manner with customers

  • Ability to simplify complex ideas into understandable concepts, for sales and support

  • Demonstrate analytical skills

  • Bachelor’s or Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in computer science, mechanical engineering, or related discipline

  • Knowledge of basic coding skills

  • Familiarity with digital fabrication

  • Hardware development experience is a big plus


  • Curious to learn new skills.

  • Excited to work with others in a multi-disciplinary team.

  • Candidates must appreciate the fast pace of a start-up, and work quickly to deliver high quality, relevant, customer solutions.

  • Have a hands-on approach;  comfortable prototyping and working in a workshop including CNC equipment, 3d printers and hand tools.

  • Communicate clearly and constructively;  must be able to communicate complex problems and solutions to the Pensa Labs team and customers.


Pensa Labs is the maker of the world’s first and only benchtop CNC wire bender. We are passionate about digital fabrication and its ability to solve problems, meet needs, and unleash individual creativity.  We put innovative solutions in the hands of customers, equipping and empowering them to do more in less time and at less cost. Our vision at Pensa Labs is to increase productivity by offering innovative digital fabrication solutions.

The D.I.Wire machines are the brainchild of Pensa, an award winning Brooklyn-based design firm. Pensa Labs is co-located with Pensa, where some of the most talented designers and engineers work collaboratively to develop successful products, brands and strategies. Our offices are in DUMBO Brooklyn, the center for tech and creativity in New York. Our fun loving and energetic staff enjoy great benefits including health, 401k, generous paid time off, social events, food, coffee and, of course, beer.

Pensa Labs is an equal opportunity employer. We consider all applicants for all positions without regard to race, creed, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, status with regard public assistance, veteran status, or membership in any other legally protected class.

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