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D.I.Wire Pro

2D CNC Wire Former with precision and power

This 2D CNC benchtop wire former offers the kind of power, speed, and precision that professionals need. Fully configurable and affordable, the D.I.Wire Pro solves your prototyping or small batch production needs.

The machine has a bend mechanism that outputs accurate and repeatable shapes.

D.I.Wire Pro overhead view

Next Level of Wire Bending

The D.I.Wire Pro, designed for benchtop use, seamlessly integrates into your workspace and workflow. Expand its automation capabilities with optional cutter and straightener add-on hardware, maximizing productivity and enhancing ROI for this versatile 2D CNC wire former.

Contact our sales team today to discover more about its features or to place your order.

Hardware Features

The D.I.Wire Pro, our configurable benchtop 2D CNC wire former, offers the kind of power, speed, and precision that professional industries need.

  • 2D Bends 

    Bend Capabilities: Wire diameters: 0.45 mm (0.018”) - 4.7 mm (0.1875”)

    Cut Capabilities: Cut up 2 mm (0.080”) 

    Feed Wheel Driven: Great for continuous wire feeds from a spool 

    Die size range: Up to 8.2 mm (0.322”)

    Bending Style: Offset Bend Die 

    Materials: A range of materials from stainless steel, spring steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and more

  • Position Accuracy:

    - Stepper motor driven axes

    - Feed error: +/- 0.4 mm (0.016”)

    - Bend Pin error: +/- 0.5°

  • Software:

    - Program in simple script language (Feed, Bend)

    - Program in G-Code for full control of the machine

    - Characterize your material’s springback and the algorithm will compensate during the bend

    - Supports SVG imports

  • Machine:

    - Tabletop size : 41 cm x 29 cm x 33 cm (16.25” x 11.25” x 13”) 

    - Weight: 45.3 Kg (100 lbs) 

    - Power Req: 100-240 V, 10 A, 50-60 Hz

  • Automatic cutter: Integrated cutter bend head tooling configurable up to 0.45 mm (0.018”) - 2.0 mm (0.080”)

    Wire straightener: For straightening coils of wire up to 2 mm (0.080”)

  • Order now, production lead time is 4-6 weeks

  • Our machines are customized to meet customers' needs. Please get in touch with sales for a quote.

D.I.Wire Pro bending example gif 1

WireWare 2.0 Integrated Software

WireWare 2.0 stands out as an easy to use software tool to create and bend your desired wire parts efficiently. It's essential for a wide range of production settings.

  • Caters to various needs, from mass production of 2D parts to custom part creation. The software’s user-friendly interface allows new operators to be productive immediately, making it invaluable in multiple sectors.

  • Features two user-friendly modes: Script Mode and Path Mode. In Script Mode, you can effortlessly program commands such as 'FEED' and 'BEND' or use G-Code for precise control. Path Mode allows you to visualize the feed and bend lists and drag points around, with the software rendering the part in real-time for an intuitive design experience.

  •  Features a calibration tool to create material profiles that compensate for material springback during bending, enabling accurate and repeatable results.

  • Streamlines the workflow from concept to creation, enabling the import of drawn parts (SVG format)  into precise FEED and BEND commands, facilitating efficient and flexible design processes.

D.I.Wire Pro WireWare software

Sample Bends

The D.I.Wire Pro delivers smooth, tight radius curves, from fine orthodontic retainer wire to stainless steel parts.