What software programs have been used for designing wire objects?

The D.I.Wire V1 software works like a printer driver. It takes any SVG file created from any software program that
outputs them. We have been using Adobe Illustrator to create the SVGs. Other options include Inkscape,
SolidWorks and Rhino. There are many more!

Are any 3D curves possible with the D.I.Wire V1?

That was done by bending the wire in one plane, turning the curve 90 degrees manually, and continuing to
bend another curve. We call it 2.5D. It is more than a work around as it opens up many
3D shapes that people have told us they want to make.

Does the D.I.Wire V1 straighten spooled wire?

Currently, the D.I.Wire V1 does not have a straighter. We wanted to keep cost, size and
development time down. It is an accessory we want to add in the future that
will be compatible with the current machines.

What do you recommend for straightening and auto- cutting? 

We are always striving to help you get the most out of your D.I.Wire Machine. Towards this end, we
have cultivated relationships with vendors that offer the best-in-class straighteners, auto-cutters, and the like.
If you have a production application for your D.I.Wire and are looking to automate
certain processes or simply become more efficient, please contact us at sales@pensalabs.com.

Does the D.I.Wire V1 bend tube?

The DIWire V1 can bend tubing with our stock bend heads. However, if you're trying to achieve more extreme
bend angles, the bend radii on our standard hardware components may lead to necking and collapsing.
We manufacture custom bend heads so you can avoid this problem! If you're interested in bending a
particular size of tubing, send us an email at support@pensalabs.com and we'll get back to you
about a custom bend head to suit your material.

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