Are there plans to accommodate larger rod or smaller wire?
Yes. We continue to push the limits of our machine and it’s likely that we can bend an even wider range of wire, cable, and tube than published. If you would like us to qualify your material, please email us:

What about adding accessories or automation features?
- Currently, we are using an after-market straightener in-house and are exploring an automated cutting function. Tell us more about your production needs. 

Can it make 3D parts?
- Wireware allows for bending in 2.5D by adding pauses at programmable points, then rotating the wire manually before resuming the bend in another plane. Currently we do not support an automated third axis. 

Will it bend my part?
- Fill in the form here with information of the shape and object you would like to bend and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

How is the D.I.Wire PRO different from the PLUS?
- You can find a comparison sheet here