Professor Williamson of Wentworth Institute of Technology has made extensive use of the D.I.Wire in his design courses. He sees the machine as a tool for teaching iteration and exploration. One approach he takes is to encourage students to discover the boundaries of what is possible with materials and tools. Rather than giving extensive tutorials, he asked students to see what was possible using one six foot length of ⅛” aluminum.

The future designers of Wentworth dove in with enthusiasm, producing a wide range of interesting shapes that opened possibilities and spurred discussion. Some students made structures that had kinetic capabilities, while others incorporated carefully considered linkages using 3D printing. Sam Montague, Dept. Chair, now has the beginning of a modular wire structure growing in his office that may one day hang above their studio space as it expands indefinitely.

Special thanks to the Industrial Design Dept. at Wentworth for sharing their ideas and their campus with Pensa Labs.

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