The D.I.Wire PRO offers the kind of power, speed, and precision that professionals never thought possible from a desktop machine. Originally built as a design solution for the invention firm’s prototyping needs, this next generation D.I.Wire has a patented bend mechanism that delivers smooth, tight radius curves — from fine orthodontic retainer wire to 3/16” stainless steel parts applicable to jets, cars, home appliances, furniture, robotics and more.

The D.I.Wire PRO bends wire diameters ranging from 0.028" to 0.1875”, making it a versatile tool for rapid prototyping and short-run production. Fully customizable but affordable, the D.I.Wire PRO bridges the gap between time-consuming hand-bending and expensive large-scale, mass production CNC wire bending. 


- Great for rapid prototyping & short run production. 
- Create segmented  or smooth shapes.

- Bends up to 180 °.  
- Strong enough for stainless steel.
- Professional-level accuracy and repeatability. 

- Handles wire diameters 0.028" to 0.1875". 

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