The D.I.Wire+ is a new and improved version of to our desktop CNC wire bender that transforms drawn curves into bent wire.
With all new software, the D.I.Wire+ adds more control to create more shapes. Make smooth curves, and bends with complex radii, all with accuracies of +/- 0.2 mm for feed distance and +/- 0.5° for bending. 

The D.I.Wire+ can handle 0.125" (3.2 mm) or 0.0625" (1.6 mm) diameter materials, including everything from plastics and aluminum to brass or steels. Our new calibration method improves the accuracy of the machine, making repeatable, precise shapes.

Since the D.I.Wire+ is the same size and weight as our original machine, it is still transportable and affordable. The big changes come from the control offered by the new software. There are now three ways to produce bent shapes: directly importing SVG files, prototyping complex curves with script, and bending directly with G-code.

The D.I.Wire+ addresses the needs of STEM education, as well as local, mass customized, prototyping and just-in-time manufacturing for industries ranging from aerospace, automotive, medical, to consumer products. High-quality wire part fabrication has never before been this accessible.


  • All new software
  • Same size and weight as the original machine - still transportable and affordable
  • Wire diameters: 0.125” (3.2 mm) or 0.0625” (1.6 mm) 
  • Feed accuracy: +/- 0.2mm, Bend accuracy: +/- 0.5°

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