DIWire + STARTER KIT  $3,400



DIWire Starter Kit Includes:

  • DIWire Desktop CNC Wire Bender
  • WireWare: DIWire Bending Software
  • 1/8" Bend Head and Feed Wheels; 1/16" Bend Head and Feed Wheels
  • Wire Sampler: 20” length of 1/8" 360 Brass, 1/8" 6061 Aluminum, 1/8" Galvanized Steel and 1/16" Galvanized Steel
NOTE: DIWire Machine alone comes with WireWare as well as your choice of a 1/8” or 1/16” bend head and feed wheels. If you're not sure which bend head suits your needs, we recommend the 1/8" head for greater versatility.

Product Features & Specs: 

  • Interchangeable bend head and feed wheels designed to best fit two wire diameters: 1/16" and 1/8". Bend heads and feed wheels do accommodate a range of wire diameters: approximately 0.04” to 0.125” or 1mm to 3.175mm
  • Custom bend heads available for wire diameters up to .1875" or 4.75mm
  • Maximum bend angle also material dependent: approximately 135°
  • Machine dimensions: 9.5”x14.5”x6.75” or 24.1x36.8x17.1 cm
  • Weight: 23 lbs. 13 oz. (Shipping Weight: 28 pounds )
  • Operating Temperature: 18-28°C, 64-82°F. 
  • Power Requirements: 100-240 V, 1.8 A, 50-60 Hz. 


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